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Sydney’s terrain poses great challenges to design, construction and renovation of a lot of Sydney homes. These challenging sloping sites pose limitations on what type of property can be built and how it can be built. The building industry techniques have evolved over the years to provide technology and design to overcome these challenges as much as possible and so provide the best possible outcomes for your home. Browne Built Construction are based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and so has vast experience on constructing properties on demanding sites.

Councils also have greater input into the type and size of dwelling that can be built and how it can be built. They tend to limit the size of the building with boundary offsets to limit impact on the environment. They also have a “tread gently” approach on how a property can be built. They prefer more out of the ground construction with stilts rather than cutting into the terrain. There are also limits on height and size of retaining walls and conditions on the types of materials that can be used in the construction especially in fire zone areas. There are also flora and fauna conditions that need to be met to limit the impact of the property on the immediate environment.

Not is all lost though. These restrictions has resulted in some of the most imaginative designs and construction of many exciting properties. There are also some obvious benefits of building on these sloping sites.

Design Features and Construction Techniques

1.  Great Views

The elevation of a home designed and built for a slope means that you can enjoy stunning vistas and blue skies for miles around. Whether you are surrounded by mountains or water you can catch views that homes on standard flat blocks can seldom never achieve. This is the main reason many people build on sloping sites, so it makes sense for the design to make the most of the views. Having large windows or carefully placed picture windows around the home is a great way to get the most of your unique vantage point.

2.  Split Level

These work excellently for sloping sites because they work with the lay of the land rather than against it. You can have various living and entertaining areas on different levels that make the most of your surrounding views. These designs can be also cost-effective

3.  Terraced decks and landscaping

A home on a slope presents a chance to create stunning exterior designs that are set over multiple levels. It can also mean more privacy from neighbours. Imagine relaxing on a sunny and secluded deck that takes in the panoramic views.


Natural Drainage and ventilation

The higher up you are, the more natural cross-flow ventilation there is, meaning your energy bills will be reduced. Designed correctly, the slope also means that drainage can occur naturally.


Natural Light

Houses situated on the side of a hill are often perfectly placed to gain lots of natural light, which is a sought-after feature in most homes.


Windows with large steel spans

Light and energy retaining glass. Open plan living

Flat Roofs 

Mitigating height restrictions. Designing a home with a flat roof can produce a great, natural effect and it reduces the obtrusiveness/bulkiness of the home.




Houses on particularly steep slopes can be built-up on piers or columns, meaning that there is minimum disturbance to the ground, and the building’s footprint will be smaller. This method can negate the need for expensive foundations. Height restrictions above natural ground level will need to be considered in closer detail.


Under property storage


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