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Why it might be time to Renovate your home

Do you need more space for your growing family? Is your home looking tired and  you unhappy with the features and look and feel of your property? Do you need to create an income from your property? Talk to us and we can advise you on your best options that may include renovation and additions or a total knockdown and rebuild.

1. Lifestyle – Comfort and Modernising

You love where you live but the house is just too outdated. It’s costly to run and maintain and there are no creature comforts. 

Renovating could introduce modern technology and better functionality. Solar energy, led lighting,  SMART Home technology, thermal performance,  double glazed windows, insultation, heating, extra rooms and outdoor entertainment areas give your home a total facelift and make it a more efficient, money and time saving environment. Same home, same neighbours, same schools but a new lifestyle.

2. Fixing structural problems

If your home has structural problems that have become a recognised safety issue then extensive remedial works may be required. If the work requires significant earth, slab and building works then it is probably the best time to implement a thorough renovation plan. It will probably be more cost-effective to include modernisation and other plans you have been thinking about while fixing your home’s problems.

3. Adding Property Value

A quality renovation will almost certainly improve the value of your home. Adding floors, bedrooms, an additional lounge area, larger kitchen space, outdoor entertainment areas, a swimming pool will all add value that matters to potential buyers. Adding modern features, new technology, sustainability and energy conscious design are all adds to your property value and saleability.

4. Second Income

If you have the external space you could add an annexe or Granny Flat as a method of generating an income from the property. You could also turn any space under the house into a studio flat and this too can generate an additional income. Properties with the ability to generate an income are extremely popular and add value and increase saleability greatly.

6. Dividing the property

Caring for elderly parents or creating a flat for the grown-up kids could all be part of a renovation plan to divide the property into two. This can also be useful for a second income and the saleability of the property or sale of part of the property if possible.

5. Preparing for sale

Renovating will not only add value but also increase saleability. Preparing your house for sale provides purchasers with a move straight in option. They may want to do minor changes but they will be buying your house because they like the way you have renovated it and know there is little to spend to make it their dream home. Similarly, if investors are buying it they know they can rent it out straight away.

If you are thinking of renovating the important thing is to define your reason or reasons so you can get the best options and designs to suit your major purpose. Browne Built Constructions will help you the whole way and with any council compliance requirements.

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