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Costs of Demolition and Excavation – Sydney

The costs of demolition and excavation is determined by the variety of possible works involved. It is best to get a free full quote. The costs can be included as part of a package with other BBC building services to make the costs more economical.

As a very rough estimate, the average price of the demolition of a Sydney 4 bed home would be in the region of $35,000. For the same plot excavation works would cost $????????

BBC provides Demolition and Excavation work for all types of residential project. We are experienced in working on difficult sloping properties as well as level ground projects. These services can also be part of a comprehensive New Build or Re-Build package.


What Factors Determine Costs of Demolition

  1. The size of the property
  2. Materials used in the building
  3. Site location and accessibility
  4. Use of Asbestos materials
  5. Protection of existing Trees and Plants
  6. Distance to recycling and waste facility

1. The Size of the Property

The size of the property to be demolished is a huge factor simply due to the time it takes to remove the bulk of materials involved in the property construction.

The amount of material that can be salvaged and reused in the new construction is also a factor. It could save in removal costs but add time and related costs in the sorting, handling and storage of the salvageable materials.

2. Materials Used in the Building Construction

Nowadays all building waste has to be sorted by type to meet disposal requirements. That means that materials like timber, brick, concrete, stone, insulation materials all have to be sorted and disposed of correctly.

The more complex the construction will mean more types of material and more associated costs.

3. Site Location and Accessibility

How easy it is to access the property, the slope of the property, the location of the property in relation to distance to disposal facilities, the type of road the property is on will all contribute to the cost of demolition.

If general access to the property is difficult and it affects how the material is disposed of can impact costs. If the property is constructed on a steep sloping landscape again this can impact costs in the handling of materials.

Distanced travelled to remove materials to the waste facility will feature in the overall costs.


4. Use of Asbestos Materials

If the property has asbestos materials then the price will jump. Asbestos has to removed under strict conditions. It needs to be handled by trained professionals. It requires protective clothing and procedures and has to be removed and disposed of under strict conditions. Asbestos will impact costs.

It is estimated that removing asbestos costs 3 times the amount of removing non asbestos-contaminated materials.

5. Protection of Existing Trees and Plants

Your local council may have put restrictions on what can be removed regarding existing trees and plants. If so then these need to be fenced off as part of the protection order which impacts cost.

The amount of protection required may also impact working access and the time taken to demolish and clear the property. Time is money.

6. Distance to Recycling and Waste Facility

Again time is money. The distance to the waste facility will impact costs. The more material that has to be removed the more time it takes and the more time required for waste vehicles.

Demolition Permit

Your local council will also require a demolition permit and a waste management plan before you can proceed. This is usually all part of your Building Application Process with your local council.

BBC can help you with this and provide the required details for your Waste Management Plan.


Once you have demolished and clear your site you then need to prepare your site for your new construction.

Depending on your plans and designs this could involve a whole list of works required. New retaining walls, new utility trenches, new foundations, new concreting a new pool, landscaping and more. 

Our excavating team are experts in excavating and on sloping properties too.

Costs as you can imagine are all related to the type, size of new construction and the state of the piece of land in terms of access and slope.

We provide a free quotation service from your plans but in certain circumstance may require a site inspection.

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